The Basics of Handling a Golf Driver

A golf driver is one of the most vital clubs a golf players would end up owning. This is because the golf driver is the best choice for the tee shot. The tee shot is the first shot done during a round; a well-executed tee shot could bring the ball nearer the green, reducing the total number of strikes a player would do. To be able to do it correctly, one has to learn a few things about golf drivers.

Golf Driver Features

The golf driver has two features that make them unique from the other clubs. By knowing how to utilize the two features, a golf player would be able to maximize his use of golf drivers. The first feature is the shaft. Golf drivers have the longest shaft out of all the clubs. For a player to take advantage of this, he should make his swings shallower rather than steep. A shallower swing has more horizontal angle than the standard swing. The second feature is the loft of the golf drivers. The golf driver has the lowest loft of all clubs and is the only full swing one created to rise into impact.

Tips and Tricks in using Golf Driver

By knowing the features, it would be easier for a golf player to incorporate the characteristics of golf drivers into his swing so that he could deliver the best tee shot. Now, here are a few tried and tested tricks in getting the best out of the golf driver.

The first important thing in owning a driver is properly choosing one. A golf player should select a driver with a loft that would match his swing speed. For example, players who have average swing speed should look into drivers with lofts of around 9 to 11 degrees. Lower swing speed players could improve their tees by using a high-launch driver with a loft of 12 degrees and higher. Above average swing speed would often get a 9.5 degrees or lower.

Golf driversAfter choosing the driver, the player should then work on his stance. Since he is aiming for a shallow shot, he should start stand with the legs more than a few inches wider than the shoulder width. Then, he should keep his body a little more upright, with the hands farther from his body. This posture fixes the body wider than the stance when using irons. The golf player should create a gap between the ball and him wide enough that it places the right hand outside of the chin. Overall, this is how players fix their posture for a shallow swing.

During the backswing, he should keep his forward arm straight so that it would remain straight during the downswing. This would not only make the swing be executed smoothly, it would also prevent the golf player from slicing. He should also tilt the spin to the right and farther from the target, making the rear side lower than the forward, it would also be easier to shift his weight to the right foot.

Finally when executing the downswing, the player should aim for sweeping the ball off the tee. The best tee shots never swing steep and never hit the ground. He should keep his leading arm and his body straight during the downswing. He should also never forget to follow through with his shot, as this adds to the speed of the ball and makes the ball fly straighter.

Another thing that the player could do to make the driver shot better and easier is to tee the ball higher than normal. A high tee puts the top of the driver below at least half of the ball. This also helps prevent the player from hitting the ground.

6 Important Rules to Remember When Mixing E Juice

There is not much you can do when you’ve just created an e juice from scratch and it turns out to be inferior, to say the least, as compared to other pre-made juices. You can do a bit of experimenting with all possible combinations you’re limited to, given your current knowledge about electronic cigarettes. In the end, it’s experience that will help you create a masterpiece you can call your own. On the other hand, this could be very time-consuming. If you don’t want to sweat it out before you can make wonders with your juice, or even just craft something that you can vape, you should keep the following things in mind:

1. Prioritize being organized when making your own e juice.

Make sure that everything you need is in place before you start mixing. There are cases where a vaper might end up spilling the flavoring he’s going to use, simply because of the plunger freezing and upon pulling out the shaft from the seal, the bottle was shot across his room.

2. Ensure all mixtures you’re going to create is listed down.

e juiceIf it’s only one mix, there’s absolutely no need to do this. However, if you’re making your friend’s juice too, you may want to guarantee that after cleaning everything up, you’ve also made enough for yourself.

Get inside a room that’s away from any distractions that could meddle with even just one detail while you’re mixing. Apparently, some people are prone to overfilling their bottles, which is a huge waste of time and money, especially if they’re filling larger containers. Even a simple call from a friend could lead to a messed up e juice mix.

Remember that you can never escape the enticing invitation from experimenting with flavors. What you’ll most probably do is add an ingredient, write down how much of that ingredient you’ve added, shake the test bottle, and taste it. Getting as close to the flavor you want as you can get is enough. If you keep going for that ‘perfect’ mix, more likely than not, you’ll end up putting your bottle in the trash.

3. It’s always ideal to start small.

Perfection is the least you should expect in this procedure. So, if you fail using a small portion of each of your ingredients, asking yourself ‘why’ will be the least of your worries.

4. A very important note to take is to always take notes.

There may come a time when you might end up creating the most amazing juice there is in the world of vaping, or at least in your opinion. Without another batch, you might lose yourself trying to repeat what you did to no avail, all because you didn’t write that particular mix of e juice down.

5. Double-check your nicotine concentration.

Nicotine levels should be treated with great care. Accidents should not happen when you’re dealing with nicotine levels you’re going to incorporate into your mix. After all, too much nicotine could be dangerous.

6. Be mindful of the ratio between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) that you’re going to use.

Add more PG for throat hit and more VG for thicker vapor clouds. A few good substitutes are available if you think propylene glycol is not for you, but you want to give your e juice a good boost on throat hit. These include cinnamon and menthol-based flavorings, pure grain alcohol, and nicotine.

With all of these things in mind, you should be ready to mix your own e cig juice without wasting too much ingredients and time. Most importantly, you won’t have to rely on trial and error.